The new single M.I.C (Made in Cornwall), is an anthemic masterpiece, packed with strings, brass, piano and air horn, somehow distilled into their trademark miniature Casio keyboard led sound.

In the verses they juxtapose references to Clipse, Skepta and Dizzee Rascal with Casio watches, spending time with the grandparents and the impressive view of the local Tupperware factory from a nearby hill.

It's basically Jay Z's New York if we were living in a parallel universe where Redruth High Street is the financial center of the world.

And for some people that is exactly what it is.

Welcome to the world of Hedluv + Passman. 

We Came Here Not For Gold was released in May 2011 and is a departure sonically from Cosmic Sounds. Sure, Hedluv still remains loyal to his Casio keyboards but these ones don't sound as 'warm'. Conceptually it is colder too. Where the previous album welcomes us into the world of a tight circle of friends, with its highly personal and disarmingly charming lyrics, this album keeps the listener at arms length and sets out to build a mythology around the duo. 

Their flow and delivery is more assured, Passman reminiscent of a young Snoop Dogg in album highlight wot u kno. And the songs are bonafide hits. Anyone that has seen Hedluv + Passman live will be only too familiar with dreckly, flippers, the future! and Weird Nature, but here we find them in their infancy, underdeveloped and still in their experimental stage. And in a way this is what is so compelling about We Came Here Not For Gold, it sounds unfinished. The missing piece? The listener... 

When Cosmic Sounds was released in 2007 it instantly sounded like a classic. It was a though it had been around forever in the national psyche. Everything about it seemed familiar. A guy rediscovers a love for writing songs after a chance purchase of a Casio keyboard. What follows are songs about cars, computer games, parties, a love for his hometown, a love for his friends. 

And it was all so familiar. Yet we'd never heard anything like it before! It reminded me of when Grand Theft Auto III came out, finally we thought, they've made the game we all wanted. And here was the rap album that we had all been looking for and, until 2007, no one had made. At least not like this...