to Aug 4

Holifair, Gweek

The home of some memorable h+p performances, like the power cut of 2009, and the spontaneous audience rendition of 'caterpillars' that followed, and Passman's first expedition up a tent pole in his golden jock strap in 2011. Expect an emotional performance on this final Holifair. 

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to Jan 1

NYE at The Boathouse, Falmouth

In 2011 they played their first NYE at The Boathouse in Falmouth. It was legendary. They filled 3 hours with old songs, covers and an extended twelve minute mashup of Auld Lang Syne and Cotton Eye Joe.

Now six years on, they are going to attempt the impossible again. But this time the old songs are even older, and so are they...

And surely they can't top the megamix?

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to Dec 20

The Melting Pot, Redruth

Doors open at 7 and it's a late bar until 2am - it's the annual Christmas do! 

The evening will include their hit live show as well as support from an old friend and techno artist Lukey Foxtrot and DJ Brian Turner AKA Trail Mix[ED].

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