No Joke(s)

'hilarious' Welcome to 2013 in the world of hedluv + passman. Last year saw us embrace our 'comedy rap' tag, and it met with more success than the release of our 'casio rap' album the previous year. It earned more stars anyway. Less money though.

We did a total of 37 performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, and the issue became not whether or not we were a comedy act, but whether or not we were actually funny. The debate raged. Even USA Today got in on the act

'Two rappers get booked at the Edinburgh comedy fest. But are they funny?'*

The Guardian wrote that it was 'Hard to say' but that it was 'oddly mesmerising'*. However, Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords tweeted that we were 'Dancing in the aisles funny'... Chortle were less generous, pointing out that in fact, we had 'no trouble in persuading the miniscule audience to dance in the aisles'*

But despite the confusion, I think everyone agreed there was potential. Will it be realised in 2013 or will we continue to do it dreckly? Who knows what might happen. We certainly never saw this coming a year ago:

(45 seconds in)