2011 in a Nutsack

By the time we're finished on New Year's Eve we will have played 62 gigs in 2011, so you'd think we'd have a few stories to tell. Well... we have. From playing at our first 60th birthday party, only to go on to play at our first 80th birthday party, it was the year where we pushed ourselves further than ever before. One of Passman's most epic moments was when he gave himself a black eye by literally kneeing himself in his own face during a performance of Black Hole Sun.

kneed himself in the face

And I still can't believe that this actually happened:

A long story, but basically to avoid hyperthermia me, Passman and Dave (film-maker) had to strip off our wet clothes and take refuge from a thunderstorm in a women's toilet in Frome (they don't have hairdryers in men's toilets). It's a great story actually, but we don't have time here - maybe it'll be made it into a movie one day.

hedluv + passman tribute actOther highlights include seeing our first hedluv + passman tribute act, finishing our long-awaited album We Came Here Not For Gold, and playing in St Just Town Hall... NOT Village Hall. But this year's highlight, without a shadow of a doubt, goes to the birth of my daughter Zevi - who appropriately kept us all waiting 2 weeks past her due date!

dreckly baby

So all in all a good year. We look forward to 2012, and according to projections it's going to be even better.

better over time graph