"Plain tosh" review by Lee Trewhela

"Hedluv + Passman - We Came Here Not For Gold

I said in my last live review of Cornwall's hysterical bedroom rappers that no matter how brilliant they are on stage, you'd never want to own the albums.

Well that's plain tosh, obviously. This latest offering is the usual mix of cool cred-damning lyrics about going to mum's for a Sunday roast, drinking Tetley tea and doing everything dreckly. Musically, it's old school electronics with crucial melodies thrown in without a thought.

We all know how funny they are but buried within some of these tunes is a tale of heroism as the pair battle to move up from Cornish fetes and get their sound heard further afield - and actually make a living (apart from selling sarnies in M&S). Beastie Boys meets Hollyoaks down Lanner ways...." Lee Trewhela, The West Briton. 17/11/2011 pg. 60