Falmouth always has cheap petrol. 3p cheaper than 10 miles up the road in Redruth. But it's a buyer's market - no one in Falmouth has to go anywhere - beaches, pubs, cinemas, Trago Mills, Ocean Bowl, good-looking people - it's got the lot! Herein lies the danger of the place, you'll never want to leave... and it can seriously stunt your growth. So, Hedluv + Passman are dedicating the next 4 to 5 weeks in giving the people of Falmouth a much-needed reality (microphone) check (1, 2 what is this?) and a good kick up the arse. And don't be getting all pissed up at home and rolling into the pub at 10.30 cos you'll miss the best bits right?!

Feb 19th: Miss Peapod's Feb 25th: T.O.A.S.T

March 11th: 5 Degrees Below