2015 saw our influence surface in the UK underground music scene. The original DIY grime artist JME released his album on a gold coloured CD...

UK rapper Stormzy advertised a t-shirt while sitting on the bonnet of an oyster champaign coloured 190...

and everybody wanted to know where the godfather of grime Wiley had got his red puffer jacket from...

- got mine in the reduced section at TK MAXX, Truro. So come and check out next year's styles at our big Christmas party show, and stay one step ahead of the game...

UK tour

Rhys Darby ironing
he's doin' it

We are the support act for Rhys Darby on his UK tour this July! Calling in at:

St Albans, Arena 06/07/14

Bournemouth, The Pavilion Theatre 10/07/14

Bristol, Colston Hall 11/07/14

Cardiff, St Davids Hall 12/07/14

Newcastle, Tyne Theatre 16/07/14

New Brighton, Floral Pavillion 17/07/14

Leeds, Town Hall 18/07/14

Salford, The Lowry 19/07/14

Birmingham, Town Hall 20/07/14

Cambridge, Corn Exchange 22/07/14

London, Shepherd's Bush Empire 23/07/14

London, Shepherd's Bush Empire 24/07/14

Tickets here

what the hell are we doing drinking in LA in our early thirties? Or something

sunset strip
me and Passman in Hollywood

During our time in LA we spent an afternoon in Hollywood. We went to the In-N-Out Burger, the American Apparel shop, and got our photos taken next to the sign. And of course we got hustled onto an open top bus to see the celebrity homes (we got them down to $14 ...or they did)

'a gogo with the Juicy stories where he got Busted Hugh Grant'

We saw the club where River Phoenix died, the house where Michael Jackson died, and the hotel where Whitney Houston died. Actually it was quite depressing. Luckily we didn't die at any of our own shows (aye!) but we did discover that the public decency laws were a bit stricter...

police chase
things quickly got out of hand

Adventure Time

Over the years we've had some pretty big adventures. But next month we embark on our biggest adventure to date. We will be flying out to New Zealand to join Kiwi comedian and actor Rhys Darby on his new stand-up tour: Mr Adventure.


It's not clear yet in what capacity, but in a recent interview, Rhys is quoted as saying, "They're even writing the theme song for my show".

News to us... but I guess we'll have plenty of time on the plane.


hedluv and passman by steve ullathorne

After performing there last year we were well aware of how gruelling the Edinburgh Fringe is. With over 30 performances to do in the space of a month, it's a real test of physical and mental stamina. So the plan was to get into good shape during the run up. We didn't though. So we worked it into the show - "This year we will be doing less songs and more resting."

Unfortunately there was no Rhys Darby this year, though he was on the iPod. He'd very kindly made us some audio clips that we were able to use like bike stabilisers, up to the point when we were ready to remove them and come out from behind the curtain to try some comedy ourselves (after about the first week). Alan Davies came to see us! Twice! Gave us some good tweets too... and Henning Wehn came to see us again - turns out he did like the show last year! He just doesn't tweet. Gave us some good advice though...

So how do we reckon we did then? Well... the audience numbers were up on last year's - but that ought not to have been too hard. The poster was better. The flyers were... still bad. Worse if anything. The show was... similar. And the reviews were mixed: 2 x 5 stars and 3 x 3 stars making it 19 out of a possible 25 stars. As a percentage that works out as 76%... At first I thought that was an A but it turns out that that's a C now... so a pass then.

the 'high level'

One of the best pieces of advice Rhys Darby has given us on this trip is to always "go in at the high level". We gave this a go when we went to Sydney, and not only did we get our own rooms, but we were also chauffeur driven to our shows in a Range Rover.

THJT304270002302This is us with Josh. He made sure we were well looked after and took us to the zoo and bought us ice-creams. We will certainly be going in at the high level again.

"are you re-headyyy?"

If you haven't been following us on twitter and Facebook, here's a little of the latest. Sometime last week, to New Zealanders watching the news, it may have looked as though one of their favourite comics had had some kind of 'spiritual awakening' - or just simply lost his mind. He had something that he had to share with the rest of the world. It couldn't wait - it was too important. It was Casio-rap. He REALLY likes Casio-rap. Or should we be calling it "casino-rap"? That actually does sound better. I would listen to that.

"Where did you get the idea for 'casino-rap'?"

"Well, we spent nine years doing Casio-rap until one day Rhys Darby spotted us, flew us out to New Zealand and made an announcement about it on the news......"

G'day Mate!

Kingsland-The Fridge Cafe

In 2012 we were mistaken as a comedy act and offered a month long run at the Edinburgh Fringe. We don’t get many chances to play to people outside of Cornwall, so we leapt at the chance. Besides, people would soon realise that we weren’t a comedy act, and just enjoy our unique take on rap music.

But this time we were mistaken.

People didn’t just laugh. They laughed A LOT. What was being mistaken for stand-up was simply me and Passman standing up. On a stage.

Maybe it was because we were at a comedy festival.

Anyway, we’re going to be at another one now. Pretty much as far away from the only place where our references are understood as we can go. But there are Cornish people in New Zealand right? My Nan says I have relatives there, but she doesn’t know where.

Get your last fix of hedluv + passman for a few months at The Grapes in Falmouth this Friday!

No Joke(s)

'hilarious' Welcome to 2013 in the world of hedluv + passman. Last year saw us embrace our 'comedy rap' tag, and it met with more success than the release of our 'casio rap' album the previous year. It earned more stars anyway. Less money though.

We did a total of 37 performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, and the issue became not whether or not we were a comedy act, but whether or not we were actually funny. The debate raged. Even USA Today got in on the act

'Two rappers get booked at the Edinburgh comedy fest. But are they funny?'*

The Guardian wrote that it was 'Hard to say' but that it was 'oddly mesmerising'*. However, Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords tweeted that we were 'Dancing in the aisles funny'... Chortle were less generous, pointing out that in fact, we had 'no trouble in persuading the miniscule audience to dance in the aisles'*

But despite the confusion, I think everyone agreed there was potential. Will it be realised in 2013 or will we continue to do it dreckly? Who knows what might happen. We certainly never saw this coming a year ago:

(45 seconds in)


Happy 5th Birthday Cosmic Sounds!

Five years ago I released my debut Casio Rap album, Cosmic Sounds. It had been a learning experience from beginning to end. At the beginning I didn't even know how to install Cubase (I still don't know how I did that), and in the end I had no idea how to sell it. To be fair my hopes were unrealistic. I thought Radio 2 would pick it up. During the two-and-a-half year writing process I had envissaged everything from being overrun with orders to winning the Mercury Prize. Neither of these things came even close to happening; I had been naive. But on reflection, Cosmic Sounds did alright. It gained a small but loyal support and a few copies even made their way to the Americas.

If you are not lucky enough to own one of the original CDs (join the club) you can now download Cosmic Sounds here

2 Cornish Rappers and Rhys Darby

We spent this August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where we performed over 30 shows. This is our story...

Day 1: In search of a pasty

We go on the hunt for a pasty shop, but find a pie shop

Day 2: Passman finds pasties

They say they're pasties, but they look weird - there's no crimp.

Day 3: Panic sets in

We walk around asking people if they're Cornish. They're not.

Day 4: 17 kilos of flyers arrive

Day 5: Rhys Darby

While out flyering the show, I hand one to Rhys Darby. He says, "This sounds interesting, I'll definitely check it out."

Day 6: Rhys Darby checks it out

Halfway through our first song, Rhys Darby enters and takes a seat towards the back of the room. Passman is too busy spinning out that there's a girl from school sitting in the front row to notice.

Day 7: The Rhys Darby tweet

"I caught 'Two Cornish Rappers and a Casiotone' last night -12:30am in the Gilded Balloon. I was totes amazed! GO SEE THEM." 

We take the rest of the day off.

Day 8: No one comes to the show

Day 9: Back on the flyering

I find one that's been dropped on the floor. Quite upsetting.

Day 10: Continue to search for Cornish people

We look round all the grassy places, and find a girl eating a pasty.

Day 11: The Pasty Shop

It sells a 'fish, chips and mushy peas pasty' - no way am I buying a pasty from here.

Day 12: We bump into Rhys Darby in Sainsbury's

He says that he's coming to our show again tomorrow

Day 13: I'm so nervous I nearly explode

I go to my safe place. An empty 5 a-side football hall. Just me, the hall and the ball. The show goes well. Rhys Darby and his wife seem to enjoy it anyway.

Day 14: The reviews start flooding in

A 5 star review calls Passman the 'ginger Freddie Mercury', but a 2 star review calls our show a 'malicious trap for late night punters'

Day 15: 'gnomic' - The Guardian

The Guardian gives us 3 stars and describes us as 'gnomic'. Either they mean 'mysterious and often incomprehensible yet seemingly wise' or they were referring to my hat.

Day 16: New stage unlocked

So far we have collected 10 stars. It's all starting to feel very Mario Galaxy.

Day 17: Postal pasties

We order 12 pasties from Ann's pasty shop in The Lizard.

Day 18: We begin to miss Rhys Darby

We watch all his YouTube clips on Passman's Blackberry, including the hp adverts.

Day 19: The pasty plan

We invite Rhys Darby to our Pasty Party.

Day 20: The pasties arrive

They're cold. Rhys Darby doesn't come to our Pasty Party either... in fact no one does - but as it turns out they're really nice pasties, and it had been a good excuse to hoover the flat.

Day 21: Rhys Darby!

Rhys Darby comes to our show for the third time. He says he's sorry he missed our Pasty Party, but he thought we meant Pasty Party. He also says that him and his wife have been watching all our YouTube clips...

Day 22: Pasty madness

We finish off the last of the pasties for breakfast.

Day 23: The shirt off my back

With audience figures low, I try to raise some cash in other ways.

Day 24: Henning Wehn comes to our show

He doesn't appear to like it much... he doesn't tweet about it anyway.

Day 25: Sean Hughes comes to our show

He doesn't appear to like it much... but the next day he tweets about it.

Day 26: The Sean Hughes tweet

"Check out two Cornish rappers and a casiotone at gilded balloon for two more nights at 12.30am. Fun fun times."

We take the rest of the day off.

Day 27: The end?

That night we have a curry with the Darbys. We sign some CDs for them and they agree to follow us on twitter. We perform our final show and then head straight upstairs to do a slot on the infamous Late 'n' Live where, as far as I can remember everything went brilliantly.

Day 28: May contain bones

We arrive at the station. Find the right platform. 20 minutes until departure. I realise I'm standing right next to The Pasty Shop.